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MT Fit-Pros Next Level
Athletic Performance


MT Fit-Pros Next level program is designed to enrich the school and student athlete.

The Athletic Training Program was established as a support to encourage athletic participation, recognize the endeavors and achievements of teams, the individual athletes and to enhance and expand their athletic program.

Strategically partnered with Collegiate Prep School in Virginia, we are dedicated to the continued support of all of our student-athletes, coaching staff and the entire athletic program. In addition to the athletic support, MT Fit-Pros recognizes that participation in athletics benefits everyone and promotes opportunities to build and strengthen relationships among all involved; the student body, coaching and teaching staff, alums and the community.



  1. Cultivate, re-engage, re-energize alums

  2. Enhance the student-athlete experience

  3. Improve student athletic abilities, build confidence

  4. Sport based custom created training programs for student athletes



Learn more about how MT Fit-Pros supports the student-athletes, parents, and friends. Give us a call or stop by today!