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Drew Jackson

Owner - Operator & Master Trainer

Whether you’re looking for a new workout or simply want to consult with an experienced and professional Certified Nutritionist, Drew Jackson is your go-to person for all your wellness needs.

Drew is a Certified ISSA & NASM Fitness Trainer and current owner of Operator of Anytime Fitness, with over 25 years experience in the field of health and fitness.  

Specializing in 1 on 1 and group training for: Athletic Performance, Strength, Training, Cardiovascular & Endurance Training, Core Training, Stretch & Flexibility, Kickboxing, Rehabilitation and Special Populations, High School & Collegiate Level Athletic Training, Childhood Obesity Prevention  

Former Trainer and PT Director- Bally Total Fitness, NY Sports Club, Gold’s Gym, and Powerhouse Gym.  

Drew also owned and Operated 3 locations of Supreme Fitness NY and is the Director of many Corporate Wellness Programs.

Drew attended Marist College and is a 

U.S. Army Veteran and......The Trainer of Trainers!


Brian Logan

Personal Trainer & Bootcamp Instructor

As a Marine, the main focus of Brian's training of others is primarily strength and conditioning. Brian has also practiced Mixed Martial Arts for the past 19 years, in which he incorporates into his training! 

While training the elite for 8 years, Brian spent 2 years managing The Body Composition Program in Japan. His priority was to train Marines that were either still injured or after recovering from an injury. He ensured that the Marines continued to maintain the required Corps standard of fitness.

Brian has acquired many years of experience providing rehab services and physical therapy. His clientele over the last 11 years range from civilians, police officers, neighbors and beyond.

Whether our clients have the goal of achieving the fitness of a Marine, or to simply tone up, bulk up, or take their fitness to another level, with over 22 years of training experience, Brian possess the ability to make you reach their goals!


Hope Ward

Personal Trainer & HIIT Class Instructor

Hope Ward is one of our most popular team members! Hope is well respected by our staff and clients alike.

She was a freelance personal trainer in New York for 2 years while completing her Masters Program at Columbia University. She has extensive training in exercise form and technique through Randolph-Macon College athletic program and ACE's strength and  conditioning program.

Hope firmly believes that your fitness journey is one that shapes your discipline, your body, and your spirit. We only have one body, we should use it wisely!

Hope is passionate about fitness and living a healthy lifestyle — attitudes we value greatly at MT Fit-Pros!

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Eileen Lorenz

Personal Trainer

Eileen has been an A.C.E Cert. Personal Trainer. since 1993.  She specializes in exercise Rx and program design for active older adults, the A/TBI, Diabetics, Parkinson's, Cancer patients and cancer survivors.

She also supports ALS, the memory challenged, Post-rehab (cardio and orthopedic), which includes joint replacement and spinal cord issues that are either genetic or acquired. 

Eileen works with many PTs, OTs, STs  as well as Physicians to design programs for clients that are safe and effective. As a personal trainer for over 28 years, She is committed to providing a service that is valuable, as well as cost effective, and she knows that her experience and knowledge can give you the tools you need to be the best that you can be!

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April Penland

Yoga Instructor

Looking for a great Yoga Instructor who really knows what both your mind and body needs? For many years, April Penman has been an influential part of our Fitness Studio, providing clients with the personalized attention they need to fulfill their wellness goals.

A seasoned Yoga practitioner for more than a decade, April has expert level proficiency teaching yoga fundamentals from beginner level all the way up to the most advanced postures.

Her public teaching background lends to her ability to relay information in a friendly, understandable, and enjoyable manner. Fellow yogis receive a practical application of basics for achievement that match their skill levels, and also receive homework, drills that will improve their overall practice.

April understands organizational strategy for classes, clinics, workshops, and retreats and is MT Fit-Pros go to person for all things Yoga! 

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Mel Southall

Personal Trainer & Nutritional Coach

Seasoned Personal Trainer and Nutritional Coach. 

Mel specializes in prescribing exercise programs for prevention and progression of Chronic Diseases such as Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis (Back,Hip and Knee).

Although physical activity is important fueling the body is just as crucial. Providing individuals with the tools they need in order to transition into a healthier lifestyle change is her ultimate goal with her clients.

No matter what goal you want to achieve Mel can help assist you on journey to Wellness!