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Hello, I'm Brian

Personal Trainer

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My Story

I attained my passion for fitness while serving 8 years in the Marin Corps. During my time in service, I supervised a fitness program called the Body Composition Program and Remedial Training for 2 years in Japan. The program was established to assist Marines that were either injured while training or while deployed that could no longer meet the Marine Corps standards. I learned how to work with or around limitations while still progressing Marines to as close to their original level of fitness as possible. I learned to train Marines from a state of rehabilitation and build them back to the Elite force. Throughout my Marine career from 1999 until the present fitness and training has been an essential part of my life.

Since my discharged from the Corps in 2007, I continued to train and assist clients from every level of fitness from young students looking to improve in a specific sporting program to training hopeful candidates preparing for police academy or the Armed Forces to assisting older clients looking to improve their quality of life after major surgeries such as hip, knee, and shoulder replacement. I attained a passion for mixed martial arts while serving and try to implement the strikes and movements in my personal regiment along with my training. I also love to instruct HIIT and Boot Camp classes. So rather your goal is to begin your fitness journey, be pushed to a higher level of fitness, improve your strength, conditioning, endurance, build muscle, recover from an injury, or to improve your day to day functionality, I will to get you to your goal and beyond.

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